Debt Collection API: Digital Receivables Management via Interface

Do you want to send your overdue invoices to a debt collection agency via API? Then you are in the right place!

Debtist is a registered debt collection agency that has developed multiple products in the area of receivables management. In our core, however, we are a tech company, founded with the ambition to modernize the collections and dunning process with our user-first approach.

A key component of our offering is our debt collection interface (REST-API). With this interface, our partners can integrate into our systems and use our services to collect outstanding invoices on behalf of their own clients or in their own name in all countries of the world.

Use Cases of the Debt Collection Interface

At Debtist, we have a strong focus on tech: Our entire platform is API-first from the start. This means you can access all features via our debt collection interface and seamlessly integrate them into your application.

Here are some examples of use cases where integration with the debt collection interface makes sense.

Debt Collection Agency for Platforms

We help platforms to offer debt collection services. You can easily integrate with our APIs and provide debt collection as a service to your customers.

Examples of partnerships include:

  1. Bookkeeping software and liquidity management: If you operate a bookkeeping software and want to offer additional services to your customers without them having to leave your software. We call this embedded collections.

  2. Industry-specific software: If you operate a software for a specific niche (e.g. cleaning service companies), you can connect it to our API to help users handle debts.

  3. Bookkeeping firms: Our service can be accessed both via API and our existing integrations into bookkeeping systems, so you as a bookkeeper can invite your clients.

We are open to profit sharing, which means that this can also become a source of profit for your company.

Receive Data on Your Collection Claims in Your Systems

If you want to integrate data on your debt collection claims into your own systems, you can use our API. This means, for example, that you can:

  1. Automatically send debt collection claims from your own system.

  2. Transparently receive the status of each claim.

  3. Get an update when a claim has been resolved.

  4. See the latest activities on each claim.

This could, for example, be used to update your CRM system without your employees having to log in to Debtist to check the status.

Customized Workflows

Do you have other ideas for customized workflows? Get in touch with us and let’s talk about it. We are always open to exciting partnerships!

Advantages of Integrating Our Debt Collection API

The benefits largely depend on the use case, but let's look at the benefits for partners who can offer debt collection services to their users via our interface.

We see the following benefits for you:

  1. You can add additional features to your existing product. This will increase satisfaction and reduce customer churn.

  2. Additional source of revenue. We are open to a profit-sharing model.

  3. Integration is straightforward. Adding us as a debt collection partner is relatively simple.

Why Debtist is the Perfect API Partner

When integrating with debt collection agencies, you usually face some of these challenges:

  1. Typically, debt collection agencies charge success and failure fees or other hidden costs.
    This can cause many unpleasant problems for you as a partner.
    At Debtist, we designed our product so that claims are ALWAYS processed without fees for our partners.

  2. Typically, debt collection works like a black box. You have no idea what activities are currently happening and receive (if at all) only delayed feedback.
    At Debtist, you have full access via our Activity API, so you can always see what's happening. We provide the data in detail, you have insight into the exchange of all letters or what steps are planned next.

  3. Typically, debt collection agencies are not digitized, which affects the speed of processes.
    At Debtist, we know how important fast and digital communication is. That's why we rely on modern dunning processes and offer a user-friendly, modern experience for everyone.

Interested? Get in touch with us to get access to our interface documentation. We will provide you with access including everything you need to get started.

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